main salads

Served with freshly chopped romaine unless noted.

Signature Side Small | A small house salad with tomato, red onion, cucumber, and homemade croutons served with your choice of dressing

Caesar Side Small | A small version of our caesar with homemade croutons, asiago cheese, and caesar dressing

Chicado Salad Small and Large | One of our most popular sandwiches now in a salad! Grilled chicken breast, avocado, swiss cheese, and tomato, with our home made ranch dressing

Cobb Salad Small and Large | Baked chicken breast, ham, turkey, crumbled bacon, avocado, egg, swiss, cheddar, and bleu cheese served with ranch dressing

Drag It Through the Garden Small and Large | We pick an assortment of tasty veggies to make a deluxe garden salad! Served with balsamic vinaigrette

Chicken Caesar Small and Large | Grilled chicken, asiago cheese, tomato, and our homemade croutons with a creamy caesar dressing

Greek Salad Small and Large | Feta cheese, cucumber, pepperoncini, Sicilian olives, roasted red peppers, and tomato served with Greek dressing


Balsamic Vinaigrette
Bleu Cheese
Honey Mustard
Thousand Island

Spinach Salad Small and Large | Baby spinach, crumbled bacon, hard boiled egg, red onions, dried cranberries, raisins, and blue cheese served with balsamic vinaigrette

Turkey Taco Salad Small and Large | Seasoned ground turkey, cheddar cheese, tomato and tortilla chips served with a creamy fiesta dressing

Mixed Green Salad Small and Large | Field greens, tomato, dried cranberries, red onion, walnuts, and bleu cheese served with balsamic vinaigrette

main entrees

Erik Estrada Enchilada
Seasoned, cheesy chicken breast rolled in a tortilla, smothered with a creamy enchilada sauce and topped with cheddar cheese. Served over red beans and rice

Cheddar, mozzarella, and pepper-jack grilled on a tortilla and served over red beans and rice with sour cream and salsa
Options: Add Grilled Chicken | Add Bacon

Mac & Cheese Small and Large 
A cheese blend of cheddar and mozzarella mixed with pasta
Options: Add Grilled Chicken | Add Bacon

soup du jour

Call 313.884.1501 for our daily list of delicious homemade soups.


sides & salads

Tuna Mac
A classic pasta and tuna mixture seasoned with a dill-mayo blend

Baked Potato and Bacon Potato Salad
Scooped baked potatoes and crumbled bacon mixed with a seasoned sour cream and mayo blend

Red Beans And Rice
Red chili beans and rice in a Mexican seasoned blend with a medium spice, served hot with a side of sour cream

Orzo Pasta Salad
Orzo noodles mixed in a Greek vinaigrette with feta cheese and chopped veggies

Chicken Salad
Diced chicken breast mixed with red grapes, celery, and a light mayo dressing

Tomato Cucumber Feta
Garden fresh tomato and cucumber mixed with feta cheese and light seasoning

chicken sandwiches

Chicken Salad
Baked chicken, red grapes and celery in a light mayo blend served with lettuce on marble

Chicken Caesar
Grilled chicken, asiago cheese, lettuce, tomato and caesar dressing in a wrap

Chicken, turkey, ham, bacon, swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing rolled in a wrap

The Bird
Grilled chicken, hummus, feta cheese, sundried tomato and baby spinach on multigrain

chicken sandwiches

California Chicken Wrap
Grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, in a wrap

Italian Baked Chicken
Baked chicken, provolone, red onions, tomato, fresh basil and herb mayo on sourdough

Chicken Fajita
Fajita-seasoned grilled chicken, peppers, onions, cheddar and sour cream, baked in a wrap

BBQ Chicken
Baked chicken with Sweet Baby Ray’s, topped with cheddar and baked in a wrap

Thai Chicken
Grilled chicken with grilled veggies, carrots, red cabbage and Thai-seasoned peanut sauce baked in a wrap

Grilled Chicken
Grilled chicken, cheddar, lettuce and tomato served on a toasted baguette

One of the most popular! Baked chicken, avocado, swiss and tomato baked on a rustic roll and topped with ranch

Chicken Club 
Baked chicken, bacon, muenster, lettuce and tomato baked on an onion roll

Buffalo Chicken
Breaded chicken with red hot sauce, blue cheese and tomato baked on an onion roll

pork sandwiches

The Cuban 
Honey maple ham, shredded pork, swiss cheese, pickles and dijon mustard baked on a rustic roll

Ham ‚Äėn‚Äô Cheddar Pretzel¬†
Honey maple ham and double cheddar cheese baked on a pretzel roll

The Hamwich 
Polish hame, bacon, provolone and may baked on a hoagie

Tony Danza Extravaganza 
Honey ham, salami, turkey, roast beef, red onion, tomato and provolone baked on a hoagie

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on toasted sourdough

Southern BBQ 
BBQ pulled pork, red onion, cheddar cheese topped with coleslaw on a rustic roll

Deuce Deuce 
Ham, turkey, cheddar and swiss baked on a pretzel roll

tuna sandwiches

White tuna with our dill-mayo blend served with lettuce on cracked wheat

The Big Tuna
White tuna, dill havarti cheese, cucumber, baby spinach, tomato and red onion
on multigrain

tuna sandwiches

Tuna Melt 
White tuna with our dill-mayo blend served with lettuce on cracked wheat

Tuna Avocado Melt 
White tuna, avocado and cheddar melted on toasted pumpernickel

turkey sandwiches

Turkey Reuben
Turkey, coleslaw, Russian dressing, swiss and lettuce on an onion roll

Southwest Turkey
Turkey, salsa-mayo, red bell peppers, provolone and lettuce rolled in a wrap

Plain Jane
Turkey, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato on sourdough

Turkey Cranberry
Turkey, cranberry-mayo, walnuts, swiss cheese and lettuce rolled in a wrap

turkey sandwiches

The Outlaw
One of the most popular! Turkey, bacon, avocado, pepper-jack cheese and tomato baked on a rustic roll and topped with BBQ ranch

Ivan Drago  
Turkey, ham, bacon, cheddar cheese and tomato baked on a hoagie and topped with ranch and mustard

Turkey Pesto  
Turkey, dill havarti, pesto and red onion baked on focaccia

Turkey Club  
Turkey, bacon, muenster, lettuce and tomato baked on sourdough

Mushroom Swiss  
Turkey, sautéed mushrooms, and swiss cheese grilled on ciabatta

Pretzel Melt  
Turkey, jalape√Īos and cheddar baked on a soft pretzel

beef sandwiches

Roast Beef
Roast beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and horseradish on an onion roll

Corned Beef
Thin-sliced corned beef, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato on rye bread

The Works
Roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, salami, ham and turkey with muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on soft sourdough bread

Georgia Reuben
Corned beef, coleslaw, swiss, thousand island and lettuce on marble

beef sandwiches

Apollo Creed Steak and Cheese   
Philly steak, roasted green peppers, caramelized onions and melted provolone baked on a hoagie

The Big Mic  
Philly steak, pickles, provolone and thousand island dressing on a toasted hoagie

French Dip 
Sliced beef steeped in au jus with caramelized onions, served on a baguette with a side of au jus. Add cheese for .50.

Roast Beef Melt  
Roast beef with bacon and melted cheddar on toasted ciabatta

Stacked corned beef, roast beef and pastrami with provolone, lettuce and tomato baked on sourdough

Corned Beef Reuben  
Thinly-sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss and Russian dressing on grilled rye

veggie sandwiches

Classic Veggie
Provolone and feta cheese with marinated artichokes, roasted red bell peppers, tomato and fresh basil on our house-baked focaccia

Caprese Baguette
Fresh mozzarella, tomato, red onion and fresh basil with balsamic vinaigrette on a toasted baguette

Mr. T Veggie
Hummus, avocado, red bell peppers, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato rolled in a wrap

veggie sandwiches

Tofu Burrito  
Marinated baked tofu, red beans and rice, avocado, pepper-jack cheese, salsa, grilled in a wrap

Veggie Burger  
Veggie burger with caramelized onions, avocado, swiss, lettuce, tomato and thousand island served on an onion roll

Spicy Special  
Melted swiss, avocado, pickle, red onion, garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickled jalape√Īos on toasted rye

Marinated portobello mushroom, roasted red bell peppers, caramelized onions, swiss cheese and baby spinach baked on Naan bread

Triple Grilled Cheese  
Cheddar, muenster and cream cheese with tomato grilled on sourdough

Avocado Melt  
Avocado, cheddar, muenster, tomato and chipotle baked Naan bread 

Pesto Portabello  
Balsamic marinated portabello mushroom, with melted swiss, pesto mayo and baby spinach on Naan bread

salami sandwiches

Salami, provolone, tomato and fresh basil with a splash of olive oil and red wine vinegar on our house-baked focaccia‚ÄĒa LBD classic!

An Italian sub with salami, ham, provolone, pepper rings, lettuce and tomato

salami sandwiches

Italian Melt  
Salami, ham, provolone, asiago cheese, pepper rings and tomato baked on ciabatta

Gambino sub topped with asiago cheese and baked grinder-style, with a side
of Italian dressing.

fresh breads

(feel free to substitute breads!)
Wheat ‚ÄĘ Wrap ‚ÄĘ White ‚ÄĘ Sourdough ‚ÄĘ Rye ‚ÄĘ Multigrain ‚ÄĘ Marble ‚ÄĘ Onion Roll ‚ÄĘ Pumpernickel ‚ÄĘ Hoagie ‚ÄĘ Focaccia ‚ÄĘ Sub

Pretzel Bread ‚ÄĘ Ciabatta ‚ÄĘ Rustic Roll ‚ÄĘ Baguette

Crisp it up!
Replace the bread with lettuce on any cold sandwich for a crisp lettuce wrap.